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Dear Bebe,

As you know, some sort of drama recently went down between me and my father. It’s more a comedy, really, if you think about it. He was insisting, nay, forcing me to get married already and give him grandchildren (what’s up with parents these days?!) and instead of convincing me to do so, he just did the opposite. I had to re-assess my status in life and more than the fact that I’m currently going through a quarter-life crisis, it dawned on me that I’m just not ready yet – emotionally, financially, mentally, waterlily demmet why be so corny? etc. I mean, seriously, who gets married at 25?! (No offense meant to those who got married at 25 or younger. It’s just an opinion.)

But, say fate decides that it’s you, and the cosmos conspire and we end up together in the future, let it be known that you gotta abide by the rules. My rules. I’m the boss, remember? Not only am I the sajangnim *ahem ahem*, deep within my soul lies an obsessive-compulsive writer-director who likes to plan out her life as if it’s a script, background music, crane shots and all. So yes, here are my unrealistic conditions if we were to get married.

1. Your proposal has to be an event (and has to be captured on video, too). I don’t know what you have up you sleeve but I expect a kick-ass proposal. You see, if I were to propose to someone, I’ll make sure it will make people cry and get a bajillion hits on youtube. Unfortunately, I’m the girl and girls get proposed to so I’ll just sit pretty here and wait for that bling. (OMG THIS IS SOOO SEXIST WAHAHAHA!)

2. Diamond engagement ring. Worth a minimum of idk, Php 500k?

Please don’t think I’m a materialistic bitch. Diamonds are forever and can be pawned for future use.



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