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So last February 19, 2010, I met the guy who was to become my first boyfriend, Yong-jin at the 1st Kpop Night @ Alchemy. Yes, we met in the Kpop fandom and dear gawd, it’s so cliche! A slice of cake here, some noraebang and soju there and you could say… the rest is history! Well, I tried to sum up that ‘history’ into this 4 minute video, made up of some of the memories that we’ve shared so far, which have been captured in photos and videos.

In this vanity vlog: Kring whining, Jimmy freaking out over reptiles, Kring reading Hangul and failing miserably and Jimmy speaking in gay lingo. True story. Also, lots of Krimmy photos!



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One of the main reasons why I’m keeping this blog is so I could immortalize on the internet the crack that is Jimmy Kim’s… brain. Seriously, if you think our bickering on our Krimmy videos is WTF-ish and funny, you should see us when no one’s looking around. It’s exponentially crazier! Anyhoo, here are just some of the infamous quotes from my boyfriend. I honestly wish this was just fiction.

1. “That’s my friend! He’s my friend, too! Oh there, Eli! He’s my favorite!” – while watching the performance of UKiss at SMX.

2. “I gave you magic! I made your standards low. So then I became your boyfriend…” when I was asking him why the heck am I with him.

3. “What is wrong with hair of the dog?? It looks like tasty bread!!” – after watching this. I don’t know where he gets his ideas for sentence construction, really.

4. “Let’s have Krimmy TV! Like 2ne1, Hyori… And I can take your video the whole day!”because he’s such a 2NE1 Tv fanboy!

5. Me: Na babo ya? (Am I stupid?)
JK: Ne! (Yes!)
Me: Bebe, cum laude imnida. I’m smart. (I’m cum laude)
JK: Tch. I’m Korean.

^ Seriously WTF and racisttttt!!!!! fuuuuuuu!!!!

6. “Marse, si Kring ay merling charotera pik pak pakak boom ganuuuun!” – gay lingo is… gay.


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Yup, the Krimmy Couple is back with another video! A first this year. Jimmy Kim is currently not residing in Manila because of his job so I made sure that we recorded one yesterday when they went for a “field trip”. Actually, I have written a blog post before about you know, Koreans being THE BEST (my boyfriend’s words, not mine) but I felt that it’s more fun if you hear it straight from him! Hahaha! Enjoy!

Thanks to the random stranger who agreed to hold the camera for us! She turned out to be my dad’s student! :O


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You know, when I opened this blog, it really never dawned on me that it would become as ‘acknowledged’ by other writers and bloggers, as it is now. Afterall, I talk about my Korean boyfriend, who’s really a sweet guy but but has more quirks than Scooby Doo.

First, My Korean Boyfriend (the blog, not the person) was cited on Inquirer.net as one of the 25 Blogs You Should Be Reading . And then we won two awards at the 4th Philippine Blog Awards! Can you imagine? I force my boyfriend to eat balut and the video wins an award. What an awesome world we live in now…

Then I just found out today that we’re on Digital Filipino, one of, if not the biggest e-commerce website in the country! Huzzah!

click on the photo to watch the video!

No, it won’t automatically play. Go to their website and show support, kowkay?


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Photos by Jimmy Kim. Please follow him on Twitter, too! Click on the photos to view the high-res versions.

Friendship Never Ends 6/365

Krimmy a Day 6/365 Friendship Never Ends

If you wanna be my lover
You gotta get with my friends
Make it last forever
Friendship never ends

– Spice Girls, 1996


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As some of you probably know, I’m going to Korea for the first time tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’d be alone or what, but whatever the case may be, I’m still excited AND kinda nervous. I mean, it’s my first time to travel abroad alone, yanno and contrary to what some might think, I DON’T SPEAK KORYAN. I can’t be telling everyone “juguleh?” or “mweol bwa?” every chance I get, unless I wanna be deported soon as I arrive in Seoul.

I try not to have too much expectations, too, except for the fact that it’s gonna be cold. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to be too excited about me going there, either. I don’t know why, maybe he’s afraid I’ll meet a cute Korean businessman in a coffeeshop? Heehee romantic! PEACE, BEBE! I LOVE YOU!!! *clings*

But while preparing for my trip, I had to make my itinerary and study the subway system so I won’t get lost. Dear gawd, that Seoul subway system made me dizzy!!!!

Dear Seoul subway system, why do you look like my intestine? hsjkafaebfkabfk

Anyway, I’ll just figure out my directions when I get there. I’ll be staying near Insa-dong and here’s what I intend to do there for the next 6 days:


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LOL. Not really. The kid’s too young for me BUT OMG is he cute or what! I have never completely watched a single PBB episode in my life and didn’t know about him until the Big 4. Thank God for Youtube videos because holy crap, this boy is a dork! Super cute! He’s a Candy cutie, afterall. Haha!

And yes, he left yours truly a personal message!!! Hahaha! Not THAT personal but you know what I mean. Made me like him more! Heard he’s from La Salle, too! HE SHOULD MEET MY BOYFRIEND, THEN!!!


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