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Everyone in the country knows who Miriam Quiambao is. Aside from the fact that she was crowned 1st runner up at the 1999 Miss Universe competition, she’ also a host and an endorser, not to mention, one of the most elegant women in the industry. If you’ve been living here in the past 10 years, you would know who she is. Well, maybe not if you’re Korean… much more if you don’t watch local TV.

And so that’s the premise of this post. Earlier today, we shot a Krimmy Couple video blog to celebrate our first “couple run” and somewhere during our “spiels”, Miriam Quiambao was mentioned (topic was about which is better, North or South and Ms. Quiambao’s from Lagro, bitch. 5 minutes away from my house). And Jimmy was like… “WHO’S THAT???” And I was like “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW HER???”

Fast forward to about 30 minutes later, after our run, while we were at the Media tent.

Jimmy: Wow! Jagi (자기 – sweetheart/honey)… who’s that ippeo (이뻐 – pretty)? Is she a celebrity? *points at a woman*
Kring: Where? OMGGGGGG!!! That’s Miriam Quiambao WTFFF. O___o
Jimmy: Who?
Kring: I was just talking about her while we were shooting!!! The Miss Universe from Lagro and UST!!!!

Dear destiny, you have pwned us.



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So last February 19, 2010, I met the guy who was to become my first boyfriend, Yong-jin at the 1st Kpop Night @ Alchemy. Yes, we met in the Kpop fandom and dear gawd, it’s so cliche! A slice of cake here, some noraebang and soju there and you could say… the rest is history! Well, I tried to sum up that ‘history’ into this 4 minute video, made up of some of the memories that we’ve shared so far, which have been captured in photos and videos.

In this vanity vlog: Kring whining, Jimmy freaking out over reptiles, Kring reading Hangul and failing miserably and Jimmy speaking in gay lingo. True story. Also, lots of Krimmy photos!


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One of the main reasons why I’m keeping this blog is so I could immortalize on the internet the crack that is Jimmy Kim’s… brain. Seriously, if you think our bickering on our Krimmy videos is WTF-ish and funny, you should see us when no one’s looking around. It’s exponentially crazier! Anyhoo, here are just some of the infamous quotes from my boyfriend. I honestly wish this was just fiction.

1. “That’s my friend! He’s my friend, too! Oh there, Eli! He’s my favorite!” – while watching the performance of UKiss at SMX.

2. “I gave you magic! I made your standards low. So then I became your boyfriend…” when I was asking him why the heck am I with him.

3. “What is wrong with hair of the dog?? It looks like tasty bread!!” – after watching this. I don’t know where he gets his ideas for sentence construction, really.

4. “Let’s have Krimmy TV! Like 2ne1, Hyori… And I can take your video the whole day!”because he’s such a 2NE1 Tv fanboy!

5. Me: Na babo ya? (Am I stupid?)
JK: Ne! (Yes!)
Me: Bebe, cum laude imnida. I’m smart. (I’m cum laude)
JK: Tch. I’m Korean.

^ Seriously WTF and racisttttt!!!!! fuuuuuuu!!!!

6. “Marse, si Kring ay merling charotera pik pak pakak boom ganuuuun!” – gay lingo is… gay.


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“I am Korean
That is why I have
small eyes
But it does not mean that
I have limited point of view
I have a perspective point of view!

– Jimmy Kim

This is Jimmy Kim’s self-portait



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