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Photos by Jimmy Kim. Please follow him on Twitter, too! Click on the photos to view the high-res versions

Orange Sky 4/365

Krimmy a Day 4/365 Orange Sky

Krimmy moment in Bohol…

Jimmy: Look at the clouds! They’re shaped like a dog.
Kring: Oh yeah, meong-meong!
Jimmy: You know what, the sky and clouds here in the Philippines are very different from Korea.
Kring: WHAT? WHY? HOW?
Jimmy: The sky in Korea is… higher.
Kring: Bullshit!
Jimmy: For real! Here, I feel as if I can touch the sky, it’s closer to me.

Kring in Korea, looking at the sky.

Kring: It’s confirmed. My boyfriend is doing drugs.

– Kring Elenzano 010511



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Photos by Jimmy Kim. Please follow him on Twitter, too!


Krimmy a Day 2/365 Drunken Townspeople


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HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS! To start 2011 right, I just want to announce that Jimmy and I are gonna attempt to do a Project 365. But since everyone’s using that name already (and it sounds rather boring), I’ve decided to call it “Krimmy a Day” because as you know, I’m corny and cheesy like that.

Basically, it’s gonna be Jimmy Kim’s photos and my words. Expect a lot of crack, okay? For our very first installment…

Krimmy a Day 1/365: Couple Shirt is Love
(click the photo for the high res version)


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