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Okay so I haven’t blogged here in a while. Apologies, my friends… I was busy with uhm, hmm… err… I dunno. I’m not exactly busy. I just didn’t have anything to write about until now. Anyway, Jimmy’s back in Manila after being a prisoner in Lipa for two months. However, it’s not like it makes any difference. He gave up his condo in Taft already and now stays with his dad in…. BF Paranaque. Have I mentioned before that I’m from Fairview-Novaliches? And that that means we’re technically in a long-distance relationship? Yes, bitches. His house is 3 hours away from mine. FUCK OUR LIVES INDEED.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this entry. You see, more than a week ago, the boyfriend bought an iPad and over the last couple of days, I got a chance to play the games such as Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and of course, Plants vs. Zombies. AND NOW I’m ADDICTED TO THOSE GAMES!!!! Grrrr… Sparttaaaaaa!!!!!!

You get addicted to this shit enough, you turn into a zombie your self. My photoshop skills pwns your face.



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