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You want crack and WTF? No need to look far. I PRESENT TO YOU…

Flippish.com’s INCEPTION PARODY starring THE KRIMMY COUPLE, aptly titled, KRINGCEPTION. Oh my gawd. I swear this is super lulz and sabaw. I dunno why the hell did I even make this hahaha. But it’s the boyfriend’s acting debut and his name is Rain here so YOU GOTTA WATCH IT! ^__^

Subtitles are necessary, though he was speaking in “English”.



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Okay, I confess. I’m cheating on my boyfriend – with another Korean guy. Well, that other guy just doesn’t know it yet. He has no clue as of this writing that we are having an affair. But he will find out soon, when I go to Seoul this November and propose to him – naked, at night. In the street. And it’s gonna be almost winter. LOL.

It is public knowledge that I ADORE TOP of BIG BANG. He’s from the group that got me back into Kpop, much thanks to the awesomeness that is Haru-Haru. The namja chingu knows full well that I will drop him like a hot potato if TOP hooks up with me haha I kid. Or do I? I LOVE YOU BEBE *clings* spazz internally when I see Seung Hyun’s badboy face. And the boy can rap. In fact, for a male Kpop idol, he’s very much un-homosexual and I lurve it (except when GD is beside him). So yes, this is me being a fangirl and you can’t do anything about it.

It’s like Beer vs. Soda, really. BWAHAHAHA!

My other Korean boyfriend (TOP) and my Korean boyfriend (JejeKim) are so different in many ways.


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