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Everyone in the country knows who Miriam Quiambao is. Aside from the fact that she was crowned 1st runner up at the 1999 Miss Universe competition, she’ also a host and an endorser, not to mention, one of the most elegant women in the industry. If you’ve been living here in the past 10 years, you would know who she is. Well, maybe not if you’re Korean… much more if you don’t watch local TV.

And so that’s the premise of this post. Earlier today, we shot a Krimmy Couple video blog to celebrate our first “couple run” and somewhere during our “spiels”, Miriam Quiambao was mentioned (topic was about which is better, North or South and Ms. Quiambao’s from Lagro, bitch. 5 minutes away from my house). And Jimmy was like… “WHO’S THAT???” And I was like “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW HER???”

Fast forward to about 30 minutes later, after our run, while we were at the Media tent.

Jimmy: Wow! Jagi (자기 – sweetheart/honey)… who’s that ippeo (이뻐 – pretty)? Is she a celebrity? *points at a woman*
Kring: Where? OMGGGGGG!!! That’s Miriam Quiambao WTFFF. O___o
Jimmy: Who?
Kring: I was just talking about her while we were shooting!!! The Miss Universe from Lagro and UST!!!!

Dear destiny, you have pwned us.



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