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One of the main reasons why I’m keeping this blog is so I could immortalize on the internet the crack that is Jimmy Kim’s… brain. Seriously, if you think our bickering on our Krimmy videos is WTF-ish and funny, you should see us when no one’s looking around. It’s exponentially crazier! Anyhoo, here are just some of the infamous quotes from my boyfriend. I honestly wish this was just fiction.

1. “That’s my friend! He’s my friend, too! Oh there, Eli! He’s my favorite!” – while watching the performance of UKiss at SMX.

2. “I gave you magic! I made your standards low. So then I became your boyfriend…” when I was asking him why the heck am I with him.

3. “What is wrong with hair of the dog?? It looks like tasty bread!!” – after watching this. I don’t know where he gets his ideas for sentence construction, really.

4. “Let’s have Krimmy TV! Like 2ne1, Hyori… And I can take your video the whole day!”because he’s such a 2NE1 Tv fanboy!

5. Me: Na babo ya? (Am I stupid?)
JK: Ne! (Yes!)
Me: Bebe, cum laude imnida. I’m smart. (I’m cum laude)
JK: Tch. I’m Korean.

^ Seriously WTF and racisttttt!!!!! fuuuuuuu!!!!

6. “Marse, si Kring ay merling charotera pik pak pakak boom ganuuuun!” – gay lingo is… gay.



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So last Christmas, Jimmy was super freaking out and wondering why I was giving money to my nieces and the other kids. I told him it’s called “pamamasko” and is an awesome tradition in the eyes of the children here in the Philippines. Because you know, they really don’t celebrate Christmas back home like we do here.

However, I learned that kids are also given money during the holidays but it’s for the Korean Lunar New Year. And today, I GOT MY FIRST SEBAE DON 세배 돈, baby!

Two thousand pesos??? Thank you so much, sajangnim!

Yes, that’s from the namja chingu’s boss. That’s right, BOSS. Lolz. But why was I given money anyway?


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HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS! To start 2011 right, I just want to announce that Jimmy and I are gonna attempt to do a Project 365. But since everyone’s using that name already (and it sounds rather boring), I’ve decided to call it “Krimmy a Day” because as you know, I’m corny and cheesy like that.

Basically, it’s gonna be Jimmy Kim’s photos and my words. Expect a lot of crack, okay? For our very first installment…

Krimmy a Day 1/365: Couple Shirt is Love
(click the photo for the high res version)


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When I opened this blog last April, my objective was really just to chronicle my moments with the boyfriend and perhaps tell the world how it’s like to be in a relationship with a Korean guy. A weird, 4th-dimensional and stupid Korean guy. I never thought people would even read this, much more, even win awards from the Philippine Blog Awards. I guess you could say I was pwned.

Dear MKB readers, I’m ecstatic and grateful to announce that My Korean Boyfriend won two of the Top Video and Podcast Posts of the Year for Krimmy Couple: Of Bad Words and Saranghae and Krimmy Couple: The Korean Eats Balut! HOLY. We got two. I mean, I haven’t even won anything for Funny is the New Sexy and I got two for My Korean Boyfriend? LOLZ what’s up with that?

with the rest of the winners on stage!

an overly happy Kring Elenzano lulz


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“I am Korean
That is why I have
small eyes
But it does not mean that
I have limited point of view
I have a perspective point of view!

– Jimmy Kim

This is Jimmy Kim’s self-portait



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The Korean boyfriend cannot write to save his life.

Well, that’s according to him. I really wouldn’t know because 1) I don’t understand Korean and 2)his English is VERY VERY rusty. LOLILU. He, however, TAKES MOTHER FUCKIN’ AWESOME PHOTOS.

And for that alone, you should follow him on flickr.


click the photo to see the higher resolution image.


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You want crack and WTF? No need to look far. I PRESENT TO YOU…

Flippish.com’s INCEPTION PARODY starring THE KRIMMY COUPLE, aptly titled, KRINGCEPTION. Oh my gawd. I swear this is super lulz and sabaw. I dunno why the hell did I even make this hahaha. But it’s the boyfriend’s acting debut and his name is Rain here so YOU GOTTA WATCH IT! ^__^

Subtitles are necessary, though he was speaking in “English”.


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