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As some of you probably know, I’m going to Korea for the first time tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’d be alone or what, but whatever the case may be, I’m still excited AND kinda nervous. I mean, it’s my first time to travel abroad alone, yanno and contrary to what some might think, I DON’T SPEAK KORYAN. I can’t be telling everyone “juguleh?” or “mweol bwa?” every chance I get, unless I wanna be deported soon as I arrive in Seoul.

I try not to have too much expectations, too, except for the fact that it’s gonna be cold. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to be too excited about me going there, either. I don’t know why, maybe he’s afraid I’ll meet a cute Korean businessman in a coffeeshop? Heehee romantic! PEACE, BEBE! I LOVE YOU!!! *clings*

But while preparing for my trip, I had to make my itinerary and study the subway system so I won’t get lost. Dear gawd, that Seoul subway system made me dizzy!!!!

Dear Seoul subway system, why do you look like my intestine? hsjkafaebfkabfk

Anyway, I’ll just figure out my directions when I get there. I’ll be staying near Insa-dong and here’s what I intend to do there for the next 6 days:



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