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Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for supporting the My Korean Boyfriend blog for a year! It means so muh to me and Jimmy! However, I’m closing this wordpress blog now ‘coz we’re moving to a new domain! That’s right! We’re now on mykoreanboyfriend.com. We’ll see you there, loves~


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Everyone in the country knows who Miriam Quiambao is. Aside from the fact that she was crowned 1st runner up at the 1999 Miss Universe competition, she’ also a host and an endorser, not to mention, one of the most elegant women in the industry. If you’ve been living here in the past 10 years, you would know who she is. Well, maybe not if you’re Korean… much more if you don’t watch local TV.

And so that’s the premise of this post. Earlier today, we shot a Krimmy Couple video blog to celebrate our first “couple run” and somewhere during our “spiels”, Miriam Quiambao was mentioned (topic was about which is better, North or South and Ms. Quiambao’s from Lagro, bitch. 5 minutes away from my house). And Jimmy was like… “WHO’S THAT???” And I was like “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW HER???”

Fast forward to about 30 minutes later, after our run, while we were at the Media tent.

Jimmy: Wow! Jagi (자기 – sweetheart/honey)… who’s that ippeo (이뻐 – pretty)? Is she a celebrity? *points at a woman*
Kring: Where? OMGGGGGG!!! That’s Miriam Quiambao WTFFF. O___o
Jimmy: Who?
Kring: I was just talking about her while we were shooting!!! The Miss Universe from Lagro and UST!!!!

Dear destiny, you have pwned us.


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Yup, the Krimmy Couple is back with another video! A first this year. Jimmy Kim is currently not residing in Manila because of his job so I made sure that we recorded one yesterday when they went for a “field trip”. Actually, I have written a blog post before about you know, Koreans being THE BEST (my boyfriend’s words, not mine) but I felt that it’s more fun if you hear it straight from him! Hahaha! Enjoy!

Thanks to the random stranger who agreed to hold the camera for us! She turned out to be my dad’s student! :O


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Photos by Jimmy Kim. Please follow him on Twitter, too! Click on the photos to view the high-res versions

Orange Sky 4/365

Krimmy a Day 4/365 Orange Sky

Krimmy moment in Bohol…

Jimmy: Look at the clouds! They’re shaped like a dog.
Kring: Oh yeah, meong-meong!
Jimmy: You know what, the sky and clouds here in the Philippines are very different from Korea.
Kring: WHAT? WHY? HOW?
Jimmy: The sky in Korea is… higher.
Kring: Bullshit!
Jimmy: For real! Here, I feel as if I can touch the sky, it’s closer to me.

Kring in Korea, looking at the sky.

Kring: It’s confirmed. My boyfriend is doing drugs.

– Kring Elenzano 010511


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Have a Krimmy Christmas!

And because this is the first time in my life that I’m celebrating Christmas as a non-single person, the Korean boyfriend and I made a video greeting for everyone because just writing a message is kinda boring… *yawns*

You better watch out, you better not cry. SANTA CRUZ IS COMING TO TOWN… My namchin keeps on pwning your soul with his English, doesn’t he?


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When I opened this blog last April, my objective was really just to chronicle my moments with the boyfriend and perhaps tell the world how it’s like to be in a relationship with a Korean guy. A weird, 4th-dimensional and stupid Korean guy. I never thought people would even read this, much more, even win awards from the Philippine Blog Awards. I guess you could say I was pwned.

Dear MKB readers, I’m ecstatic and grateful to announce that My Korean Boyfriend won two of the Top Video and Podcast Posts of the Year for Krimmy Couple: Of Bad Words and Saranghae and Krimmy Couple: The Korean Eats Balut! HOLY. We got two. I mean, I haven’t even won anything for Funny is the New Sexy and I got two for My Korean Boyfriend? LOLZ what’s up with that?

with the rest of the winners on stage!

an overly happy Kring Elenzano lulz


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There’s INTERNATIONAL ALL CAPS DAY, there’s even No Pants Day (true story, celebrated on the 1st Friday of May… not by me kthnxbi) and then there’s Pepero Day. What the hell is Pepero Day, you may ask… Don’t worry, I didn’t know wtf it was either until someone surprised me in my office today and gave me these two boxes of Pepero.

Pepero: Just like Pocky, only Korean… Lulz

According to Wikipedia, Pepero is a cookie stick, dipped in chocolate syrup, manufactured by Lotte Confectionery in South Korea since 1983. It was inspired by the Japanese product, Pocky produced by Glico. Which also may have been the inspiration to Jack and Jill’s cheap, local version, PRETZELS. Pwn. But srsly, I’d choose Pretzels over Pocky/Pepero any day! I grew up eating that snack!


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