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Or so he claims…

If Jimmy Kim is not shitting with me, his first girlfriend is now a pretty famous actress in Korea. Actually, I knew of her before I even met him. I haven’t seen her debut movie then but I’ve been wanting to, if only for the critical acclaim that it got (and the rave reviews were wow). So when I told him that I LOVE KOREAN FILMS like whoah, he asked, “Have you seen ___? The lead actress there was my first girlfriend!”

Because I’m not an idiot, of course I didn’t believe him. First and foremost, why would an actress want to date him? Really. Have you seen my boyfriend? I mean, really. Second, well, there’s no second. I just dunno why the girl would even consider him. And then he explained that it was a long time ago, almost a decade already, in fact and they were kids then.

Oh yes, sure… You know how kids can be stupid sometimes. LOL.



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A couple of years ago, somebody said that talking to me was like watching a romantic-comedy movie. Well, you be the judge. Much as I love Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore, I’m not so sure if I fit their characters well. I love rom-coms like no other and one of my most favorite has to be 엽기적인 그녀 aka My Sassy Girl. That movie was just brilliant, and in fact, paved the way for Hallyu wave.

For so many years, I’ve always wanted to have my own Gyun-woo and I actually tried with one guy.

“Hey! You know what, you’re my Gyun-woo!”, I said perkily. “Your who? What?”, was his confused reply. “When I get drunk, you carry me on your back and walk me home, okay? And don’t get mad if I randomly slap you! *bats eyelashes*“. I honestly thought it was cute, how I said it, but instead he gave me that ‘WTF-bitch-you-are-psychotic-get-the-fuck-away-look’. You guessed it right, we’ve stopped dating since.

I have actually already given up on finding my own Gyun-woo. Then I met him. In fact, it was he who said that he’s my Gyun-woo. LOL. Desperate attempt to get to me, I suppose. Little did he know, I am a sassy girl in real life and many guys have confessed that they’re scared of me.


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