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So last February 19, 2010, I met the guy who was to become my first boyfriend, Yong-jin at the 1st Kpop Night @ Alchemy. Yes, we met in the Kpop fandom and dear gawd, it’s so cliche! A slice of cake here, some noraebang and soju there and you could say… the rest is history! Well, I tried to sum up that ‘history’ into this 4 minute video, made up of some of the memories that we’ve shared so far, which have been captured in photos and videos.

In this vanity vlog: Kring whining, Jimmy freaking out over reptiles, Kring reading Hangul and failing miserably and Jimmy speaking in gay lingo. True story. Also, lots of Krimmy photos!



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Dear 자기야,

Why do you hate buko so much? Ugh, that’s so Korean and non-tropical of you! Don’t you know that buko is like the best thing in the world, next to my mom’s home-cooked prawns? More than that, happy 6th monthsary! I can’t believe we’ve been together for half-a-year already and it’s been really good so far… Thank you so much for putting up with me and for being well, your babo self all the time. I wish you could give me more aegyo everyday, especially that I’m PMS-ing by default lately. LOL.

And just so you won’t forget, I LOVE YOU…

My penmanship both in Hangul and the English alphabet pwns your soul. Also, I’m cute. Shut up.


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This is the post where I reveal our identities. Bahala na! Haha. It was initially posted on my personal blog last July 11 but I think it’s but apt to post it here. Please continue to follow this lol blog and feel free to comment!


What the hell. That was a freakin’ chessy title. It’s so cheesy, I know you wanna get your bread now and eat it with my post title. But I don’t care and I’m not even gonna apologize for it. Mwahahahaha! I’m in love so you, my poor reader, just has got to deal. Okay?

Yesterday, July 10, Jimmy and I celebrated our 100th day together. If you are scratching your head, wondering why we would be celebrating our 100th day of being officially Krimmy, then clearly, you haven’t seen My Sassy Girl yet. This whole 100 Days thing is a big deal for Koreans. When babies are born, their 100 days are celebrated as well.

Ever since we got together last April 1, I have been looking forward to this day. I have even thought of extravagant plans, events that would put the romantic scenes in Korean movies to shame. However, I realized, why the hell am I the one planning the event? I’m the girl, for crying out loud! Plus, I felt like I was always the one surprising him! And so, I waited for this day. And boy, he did not disappoint.

How can you not cry when you see this?! How?!


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Outside the Coffee Shop

From across the street, I saw you sitting inside the coffee shop, immersed in your own world of iPod touch and mocha frappe. You were wearing that same black shirt that you wore the day we went out the first time. With all smiles, I walked towards the glass door, hopeful that I could surprise you. I was 15 steps away from you, love, when a girl came in and sat on the chair in front of you. She had long, black hair, pearly-white skin and yes, she was Korean. You immediately greeted her with your genuine smiling eyes and took both her hands. And you kissed those hands, like how you would kiss mine.

I was frozen on my spot, half-expecting that you would look out and see me breaking down into a million little pieces. But as fate would have it, you didn’t even notice my presence. And why would you, when you were clearly in love with someone else, perhaps someone you’ve been in love with all along?


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I love you. Very much.

I realized that I put you through a lot, emotionally, because I’m an “artist” and drama queen like that. Please bear with me, okay? If can’t anymore, just let me know if you wanna break up with me already so I can go to Seoul and marry Jo In-Sung. Or TOP. Jangnaniya. ^__^;;

Looking at “fan photos” of us (LOL), it dawned on me that we’re a cute couple- in an awkward kinda way. I think you have to start adjusting to the fact that people WILL know about you when you’re with me. Please be nice to them, hyung… And be accommodating when they ask to have your photo taken. Practice that “Eeeeyyyyy” smile.


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Three Years Ago

A short piece I wrote three years ago (in my language)… I realized just now that you’re the one I had written about before. It’s kind of creepy, if you think about it but I hope you understand what I meant somehow. I painstakingly translated it in English for you.


Someday, someone , too, will love me completely. So much so that he will cry because of the overflowing love in his heart. He will make me a song, write me poetry and he will look up at the cosmos, with a big smile – because I am in his thoughts. Most of all, he will pray for me and fervently hope that I will love him, too.

At night, I will be the heroine in his dreams. My photo will be the sole content of his wallet, along with the money that he will save up for me. He will wait for me at work even if I finish at 2am and won’t go home until I am peaceful in my slumber.

He will cook delicious sinigang for me and he look for the films that I’ve long been wanting to watch. He will paint my face, unclog my sink and clean up our pet dogs. He also won’t make me stop with my vices and instead will go along with whatever I wanna do.


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Last week, I gave my namja chingu a bouquet of gerberas. Just because. I dropped by his condo and left the flowers at the lobby, with a note attached. Not just any note though. I wrote it in hangul ‘coz I’m a poser like that. Hahaha. Actually, I did it just so I could see his “OMG-WTF-IS-THIS-WHY-ARE-YOU-SO-AWESOME-SPAZZ-SPAZZ” face. He said he’s never received flowers before and that made me happy and proud.

not exactly the gerberas that I sent but you get the drift

A couple of days ago, we were supposed to meet after work but something came up so he called to apologize and inform me that he couldn’t make it. I don’t mean to sound inconsiderate but I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I just hate last-minute change of plans, is why. So I didn’t pick up his calls and I knew that he knew I was PMS-ing again. Well, I PMS by default anyway. Five missed calls and two hours later, I was outside his unit with a KFC meal in my hand.

“Yah, nugu neun choi go? (Hey, who’s the best, huh?)”, were the first words I uttered soon as he opened the door.

again, this couldn’t possibly have been the dinner that we ate but it’s pretty close


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