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Okay okay, that title is kinda misleading but it is true that I’m on Chalk magazine’s March 2011 issue. It’s a big deal for me, mmkay? Much thanks to the Krimmy Couple’s good friend (and awesome make-up artist), Carla Avancena for featuring my photo on her own feature. So it’s only like a passport picture and you prolly won’t even notice it if you blink. But I don’t care. I was still on a magazine, yo!

Also, the reason why I put this here instead of on my own funnysexy blog is because that said photo was taken by the namchin. I’m so proud of you, too, bebe! Did I tell you he’s a “good” photographer? No? Oh.

That’s meeeeeeeeee~ On Page 63!



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You know, when I opened this blog, it really never dawned on me that it would become as ‘acknowledged’ by other writers and bloggers, as it is now. Afterall, I talk about my Korean boyfriend, who’s really a sweet guy but but has more quirks than Scooby Doo.

First, My Korean Boyfriend (the blog, not the person) was cited on Inquirer.net as one of the 25 Blogs You Should Be Reading . And then we won two awards at the 4th Philippine Blog Awards! Can you imagine? I force my boyfriend to eat balut and the video wins an award. What an awesome world we live in now…

Then I just found out today that we’re on Digital Filipino, one of, if not the biggest e-commerce website in the country! Huzzah!

click on the photo to watch the video!

No, it won’t automatically play. Go to their website and show support, kowkay?


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