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WARNING: This post will not make sense. These are random comments and conversations during the Rain INTENSITY concert (with U-Kiss and Christian Bautista). Had no intentions of blogging about it but mothereffer, it was super LOL!!!

Kring, Jimmy and Mishi at the Moshpit area. Damn, we were so close, I was hugging the barricade by the stage. No, we were so close, Rain’s sweat was drizzling on me. The Korean newspaper editor unnie with us, who majorly loves Bi, banished from our sight as soon as she got inside. Probably mingled with the other 한국인 coz it’s much more fun to do fanchant with fellow Koreans, right? Let it be known that Mishi and I haven’t seen U-Kiss before but Jimmy has worked and hung out with them.

/start Rain concert LOL.

With Mishi. My smile looks so fake and I look so fug, it makes me cringe
(And because it’s a Kpop concert – the obligatory Korean peace sign)

– Before the concert started
Kring: Bitch, this is sooo close. Wow!
Jimmy: I’m hungry.
Mishi: Me too.
Jimmy and Mishi screaming like fans: GOODFELLAS (the restaurant we were scheduled to go to right after the concert)!!!

Kring: Ok, here’s the plan. Soon as the concert ends, we run out of this place and get a cab, okay? We run like the wind.
Jimmy and Mishi: Got it. *raises hands* Goooddddffffeeellllaaasssss!!111!!eleven!!

– On Christian Bautista –
Jimmy: Whoah! He’s good ah!
Kring: Of course! He’s also popular abroad!

Oh, Christian! Why must you be such a good-looking, talented boy-next-door? Also, I have never hated tripods so much in my life. Grrrr.

– On Christian Bautista’s first song-
Mishi: I don’t really listen to him. But wow, that sounds so pop ha!
Kring: Uhm, I don’t think that’s his song.
Mishi: Oh, really? Who sang it?
Kring: I dunno.
Christian Bautista: That was One Way’s song, by the way! Please tell them I tried singing it on my own.
Kring and Mishi looking at each other: *snicker* LOL. /fangirlfail



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Yesterday, I hosted the Big Bang segment of the MCA Kpop United event at SM Megamall’s Event Center. Seriously, it was so much fun!!! Was given 30 minutes, which is a very short time for my crack but I tried my best to make the most out of it. Hope the others had fun, too! Big Bang?VIP Philippines represent!!! Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.

You know, I will never be caught dead having my photo taken with a standee. Budden I saw THIS and spazzed like shit. So I asked someone to take my pic with my beloved TOP and this was the outcome. >__>

Really, Jimmy? REALLY?


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