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And now, on to the video…

Here’s the first Krimmy couple video that we recorded last April! Was posted on my other blog but I’m putting it here for archiving purposes. It’s titled: Of Bad Words and Saranghae. Enjoy!



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Or so he claims…

If Jimmy Kim is not shitting with me, his first girlfriend is now a pretty famous actress in Korea. Actually, I knew of her before I even met him. I haven’t seen her debut movie then but I’ve been wanting to, if only for the critical acclaim that it got (and the rave reviews were wow). So when I told him that I LOVE KOREAN FILMS like whoah, he asked, “Have you seen ___? The lead actress there was my first girlfriend!”

Because I’m not an idiot, of course I didn’t believe him. First and foremost, why would an actress want to date him? Really. Have you seen my boyfriend? I mean, really. Second, well, there’s no second. I just dunno why the girl would even consider him. And then he explained that it was a long time ago, almost a decade already, in fact and they were kids then.

Oh yes, sure… You know how kids can be stupid sometimes. LOL.


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This is the post where I reveal our identities. Bahala na! Haha. It was initially posted on my personal blog last July 11 but I think it’s but apt to post it here. Please continue to follow this lol blog and feel free to comment!


What the hell. That was a freakin’ chessy title. It’s so cheesy, I know you wanna get your bread now and eat it with my post title. But I don’t care and I’m not even gonna apologize for it. Mwahahahaha! I’m in love so you, my poor reader, just has got to deal. Okay?

Yesterday, July 10, Jimmy and I celebrated our 100th day together. If you are scratching your head, wondering why we would be celebrating our 100th day of being officially Krimmy, then clearly, you haven’t seen My Sassy Girl yet. This whole 100 Days thing is a big deal for Koreans. When babies are born, their 100 days are celebrated as well.

Ever since we got together last April 1, I have been looking forward to this day. I have even thought of extravagant plans, events that would put the romantic scenes in Korean movies to shame. However, I realized, why the hell am I the one planning the event? I’m the girl, for crying out loud! Plus, I felt like I was always the one surprising him! And so, I waited for this day. And boy, he did not disappoint.

How can you not cry when you see this?! How?!


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