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I am not a very domesticated woman. Having lived with my family all my life (my yaya included), I didn’t really do much household chores growing up. And I never learned how to cook either, except maybe for rice and fried hotdogs/egg/fish. So imagine the boyfriend’s surprise when I told him that I was gonna cook for him.

Tuna pesto pasta is perhaps the only dish that I can whip up. Seriously. I learned it when I did a reality show and the talent had to make it. Anyway, armed with the ingredients, I went to his place to make the dish for him and thank God, it wasn’t a failure!!! ^___^

I never thought I’d be able to cook something that looks remotely yummy

His and Hers ^_^

But that’s not the punchline of this entry.



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If there’s one thing that you need to know when getting into a relationship with a Korean person, it’s that… Korea is the best. Keep that in mind and everything will be fine. Seriously. The boyfriend never imposed his Korean-ness to me until we started talking about the World Cup.

Okay. Here’s the deal. We were supposed to go on a trip with friends to Calaguas this June 12-14, partly in celebration of my birthday. He was someohow excited about it that’s why a couple of days ago, he baffled me when he said he couldn’t go if it’s on the 12th because something extremely important is coming up. It’s so important, he’d been waiting for it for 4 years – THE FIRST GAME OF KOREA IN THE 2010 WORLD CUP (against Greece). >_<;;;


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