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Three Years Ago

A short piece I wrote three years ago (in my language)… I realized just now that you’re the one I had written about before. It’s kind of creepy, if you think about it but I hope you understand what I meant somehow. I painstakingly translated it in English for you.


Someday, someone , too, will love me completely. So much so that he will cry because of the overflowing love in his heart. He will make me a song, write me poetry and he will look up at the cosmos, with a big smile – because I am in his thoughts. Most of all, he will pray for me and fervently hope that I will love him, too.

At night, I will be the heroine in his dreams. My photo will be the sole content of his wallet, along with the money that he will save up for me. He will wait for me at work even if I finish at 2am and won’t go home until I am peaceful in my slumber.

He will cook delicious sinigang for me and he look for the films that I’ve long been wanting to watch. He will paint my face, unclog my sink and clean up our pet dogs. He also won’t make me stop with my vices and instead will go along with whatever I wanna do.



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Last week, I gave my namja chingu a bouquet of gerberas. Just because. I dropped by his condo and left the flowers at the lobby, with a note attached. Not just any note though. I wrote it in hangul ‘coz I’m a poser like that. Hahaha. Actually, I did it just so I could see his “OMG-WTF-IS-THIS-WHY-ARE-YOU-SO-AWESOME-SPAZZ-SPAZZ” face. He said he’s never received flowers before and that made me happy and proud.

not exactly the gerberas that I sent but you get the drift

A couple of days ago, we were supposed to meet after work but something came up so he called to apologize and inform me that he couldn’t make it. I don’t mean to sound inconsiderate but I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I just hate last-minute change of plans, is why. So I didn’t pick up his calls and I knew that he knew I was PMS-ing again. Well, I PMS by default anyway. Five missed calls and two hours later, I was outside his unit with a KFC meal in my hand.

“Yah, nugu neun choi go? (Hey, who’s the best, huh?)”, were the first words I uttered soon as he opened the door.

again, this couldn’t possibly have been the dinner that we ate but it’s pretty close


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So we went to the beach over the weekend with some of our friends and after months of working my ass off, I finally was able to take a rest and chillax. It was suuuuper fun (and not to mention, cheap)! But that’s not the point of this post. I just wanna brag about the awesome photography skills of my namja chingu and here are some of the photos that he took! ^^

Paparazzi-ing under the sun (and sweating profusely, of course)


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If you watch Korean dramas and movies, you’d notice that most girls call their boyfriends “oppa”, mainly since the guys are usually older (I think). At first I thought it meant “honey” or “sweetheart”, until I became unstupid and realized that girls call their brothers that as well.

I assume that you have some sort of knowledge of the Korean culture if you’re reading this, otherwise, why else would you be in a blog called “MY KOREAN BOYFRIEND”? And you probably know that Koreans are strict about their honorifics and shit and you’d earn yourself some good ass-kicking if you don’t abide by their societal rules. So girls call the older guys ‘oppa’ and the older girls ‘unnie’ (spellings vary, stfu) and the boys call the older guys ‘hyung’ and the older girls ‘noona’. Right?


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Sorry if I’m a jealous girlfriend. I have warned you time and again before we got together than I easily get jealous, not just when it comes to relationships – I’m just a jealous person, period. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the heavens made me wait this long before I met you. I needed to mature more first and had to be with someone who can understand my silly mood swings.


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Uhm. My boyfriend cannot pronounce the word


Or the name WOODY ALLEN.

The “woo sound”, he says, does not exist and the hangul characters are in conflict with each other.

Summady resurrect me. I died.

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A couple of years ago, somebody said that talking to me was like watching a romantic-comedy movie. Well, you be the judge. Much as I love Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore, I’m not so sure if I fit their characters well. I love rom-coms like no other and one of my most favorite has to be 엽기적인 그녀 aka My Sassy Girl. That movie was just brilliant, and in fact, paved the way for Hallyu wave.

For so many years, I’ve always wanted to have my own Gyun-woo and I actually tried with one guy.

“Hey! You know what, you’re my Gyun-woo!”, I said perkily. “Your who? What?”, was his confused reply. “When I get drunk, you carry me on your back and walk me home, okay? And don’t get mad if I randomly slap you! *bats eyelashes*“. I honestly thought it was cute, how I said it, but instead he gave me that ‘WTF-bitch-you-are-psychotic-get-the-fuck-away-look’. You guessed it right, we’ve stopped dating since.

I have actually already given up on finding my own Gyun-woo. Then I met him. In fact, it was he who said that he’s my Gyun-woo. LOL. Desperate attempt to get to me, I suppose. Little did he know, I am a sassy girl in real life and many guys have confessed that they’re scared of me.


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